A Kitchen Duet

While most shy away from a black kitchen deeming it to be somber, our desire for a sleek kitchen pushed us to experiment with a matte black. However paired with the solid brown wood, we had an efficient, dapper kitchen that was now warm and indulgent!
Tackling the trimmings, instead of fixing handles that jut-out and take attention away from the face of the kitchen, we chose to carve out our handles onto solid wood, making it now not a fixture but a part of the door.
The black prim shutters also shared the wooden handle, thus making it a part of the family!
To sum this project up, just as cooking in Indian Dum style infuses each grain of rice with aroma and taste making each bite delectable, the tenor of the kitchen it came from, colors the cook! A squeaky, clean sink a spotless countertop, stocked shelves a busy stove churning out delectable platters. Contentment is the word! Doesn’t it have a cozy sound to it?



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