A Lucid Home

A project that started out as a regular 3BHK home renovation. But what awaited us was a dream client, who was the most patient, understanding and most importantly willing to experiment with civil magic ! And we all know that is our favourite kind folks ! The result was 3 exquisite bathrooms;
One floral beauty for the adorable kids, meeting whom have been the highlight of every site, we must say. The second a dessert themed master bathroom with delicate morocan highlights tiles swathed by sand and earth coloured base.The last , and probably our most prized one, the matte black glamour! The guest bath! with blend of wooden pallet tiles , this makes for a bold , masculine bathroom that definitely elevates the bathing experience into something enigmatic.Our suggestion if you visit the kulkarnis is do make a trip down to one of their bathrooms.
For the complete remodeling of the kitchen , a neutral theme was adopted for it . The dark grey of the shutters complimented the grey of the backsplash. The backsplash tile aptly named riverflow, has a very delicate pattern of fluid waters that give the kitchen a delicate charm despite the neutrals.
The kids rooms was designed keeping several factors as a guide.The colour pallete is a nod to the occupants - a girl and a biy , thus sticking to an array of colours from pink to blue all in pastel shades. The unifying factor is however the use of a pale wood for larger portion of the furnitures, making the room suitable for use even once the tiny tots grow up . All the handles through the home have been handcrafted from repurposed teak wood. Especially the radial handles for the kids room has been ergonomically designed with no sharp edges.
There is a special reading nook built into the study shelf attached to the bed that is a cozy spot fo rsome bedtime reading or relaxed revisions with its own spot light.
The master bedroom is a quite classic with its dark furnitures and similiar custom made wardrobe handles .
The makeup corner replaces the night stand on one end , where aesthetics meet need. Both the drawer and nightstand are built as a twin set , with mid centurion chairs.
The living room turned into a popular corner once we opened up the windows and space added the conforting blue on the walls. The kids room entry door as a part of the living room, was given a special treatment, makint it french classic in the same blue as the living hall . The sofas were reupholstered keeping the mid centurion in mind and thus became leather and linen.The winning pieces however are the side table and the entrance seater , both with nimbly crafted legs and raw teak wood elegance.



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