Aspen Grove Resort, Ooty

The resort is carefully inserted into the mountainside 4500 ft above sea level overlooking the valley and the Ooty lake in the distance . The entire resort is an act of subtraction and letting the homogeneous nature of the rock dictate the built space it surrounds. The resort was made completely explicit and assembles a direct relation to the views from the site . The rooms have huge openings with glass partitions to help the user to experience the trees , birds and the sun as if he was living in the wild.
Owing to the remote location of the site , it was necessary for the reception to be a place of solace and subsequently promote the essence of the resort . After a long travel , the guest arrives to see a slender snaking path that merges with sunlight sneaking through the thick foliage of the sabino tree . The guest also observes a water channel that entwines all these elements in one swift motion  . The water channel rises from the ground and forms a spiral that compasses the user and his immediate environment and rapidly transports him to a serene state of mind by its motion and gurgling .
The structure is built into the terrain rather than onto it . It is vital for the identity of the land to be stripped and made visible to the proficient eye . The expectant eye continues to decipher , Merge and divide the scenario to arrive at the conclusion that the resultant restaurant is a subtraction of volume to provided a resultant space rather than addition of space . The subtraction has resulted in the true character of the rock being showcased and accepted as part of the built and the functional platform.
The Deckhouse is one of the premium rooms of the Aspen Grove resorts . The structure is perched on the edge of the cliff overlooking the valley . Since it was imperative that the user remain in constant dialogue with nature  , the room was designed to give a sense of security and comfort a guest should have but at the same time was left open for the wind and the sun to flow through the room . The orientation of the bed faces east so that the guest wakes up with the first rays of the rising sun and as he wakes up hes dealt with a scenic view of the valley , the mist , the birds and the trees gently swooning to the golden rays of the morning sun.



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