Bovine Hill Resort, Kasara

The site treacherously placed on the edge of a cliff enjoys a breathtaking view of the valley towards the south . The Design proposal pays homage to the natural inclination of the site by carving and unearthing splendid rock forms that flow within the built spaces so as to inculcate nature which proves to be the very foundation of the resort .

The whole deign boasts of a Moroccan style influence evident in the generous use of jhalis and apertures with a a simplistic and contemporary twist . The textures used of raw against polished concrete as well as tones , leaves the whole area with a robust feel, creating and experience that unearths the deepest recesses of the soul .

The entry is flanked by tall, chaste walls offering intriguing glimpses into the site without giving up the whole site setup of the slopes beyond .The open reception, the glass walls of the cafe, and the passage running along the fringe of the central piece, all draw attention to the looming boulder and the singular quaint tree amidst the vast landscape.

Five suites are clubbed in a string, with each back door opening to a unified pool in a sight of pure co-ordination. The suites have sandwiched between them a sun-lit, breezy open patch of patio, to share as a pool side lounge The bedroom space opens out onto a deck with a pool and private garden laid out as a vision from the living room upstairs.[/caption]

The spa under a single roof houses a multitude of individual cubes that are separately ventilated, leaving the spa as a whole naturally lit and ventilated by its courtyards, skylights and apertures.



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