Ode to Rabindranath Tagore-Poem in a Medium Other Than Words, Auroville

Good architecture like good poetry, introduces you to its own world , touches you in ways that leave you with a fond, warm memory, takes you back in time or scene every time you remember it.
Poems can  thus lend their character and story to architecture

A chance to create one such beautiful co-dependent communication is where this journey began.
Main goal is a more conscious and collaborative literary architecture, that focuses not only on design and beauty in form, but a deeper impact on the community, hence the prime functionality of the building will be an ORPHANAGE.

An orphanage could also be approached as a flexible and ever-changing environment, allowing the child choice in their surroundings and tasks. This would allow the space to grow as the child grows and interacts with the guests to the memorial.

Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry is permeated with every seasonal hue, propelled with the flora and the fauna reflecting all possible moods creating a range of poems celebrating the variety within Nature. The concept of ‘enclave’ of different ambience that form the design memorial part of the orphanage.

A couplet of semi-private paces giving a sense of closure while enfolding the landscape within and skies above it. water body divides the larger social arena from the more intimate cozier alcove.

Memorial Red Room : for a more placid and reticent mood that's so desirable for reading and writing, this room has both an enclosed, rigid room with its windows cut out and a more indulgent one with its own courtyard within the space.

The library :The sharp incisions made into each corner and just below the roof creates an illustration of beams in room at sunrise and sunset.

The deep overhangs of the roof help eliminate the need for traditional roofs and windows, instead gives the library its very own skyline on east house. the interior is divided into three sections, by the play of levels, while on the outside there is more space created for soulful reading sessions on the covered expansive porches.

The library blurs the lines between the interior and the exteriors beautifully in the most minimalist way through an allegory of spaces by openings and silhouettes rather than the whole walls.

The Dining : An uncluttered arrangement of spaces makes the dining area an open, heady mix of a nourishment haunt, a picturesque vantage point and a buoyant hub.

Throughout the site windows are towered and the sill widened to morph them into I seating. The dining .is the classic example of this feature.

The Reception : The porous semblance of the blocks makes relatively open weave with minimalist walls and sharp apertures.

The tree growing through the cut in the roof gives the entrance an earthy and sensual feel. Sudden bursts of color evident throughout the site, gives the admin a journey twist leaving the cuts and molds sharp, defined in a contemporary style.



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