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One to whom I said “I Do”

5 years-one love-and now I’m straddling the fence on a student-architect tag. (Okay. love’s a stretch.)

Dear Architecture If I said ours was a rosy affair to remember, I’d be living a lie. I read  TEDDY CRUZ  was stirred into joining you by “the sight of a 4th year architecture student sitting at his desk at the window, drawing and nursing a cup of coffee, as the rain fell outside…” Romantic right? It’s the same romantic in me, like Teddy, who has been punched in the teeth and kicked in the stomach once too many by YOU!

Nobody wears all the colors of art, science, literature, travel, history and many more, as well as you do! But is it absolutely vital for me to learn – a 75×75 cleat & fixing shoe holds up an aluminum glazing bar? Come on architecture, lets compartmentalize your lovers, huh? I don’t event want to get into my model making! Time and again, the honeymoon period with the crisp file-cards, pristine thermocol sheets and shiny blades, quickly escalated into mutterings, few spills of blood, and lying on the hard floor crying copious tears like a small emotionally disturbed child! Well. I knew the ‘Monica’ in me was a sore loser.

But there’s always a silver lining huh?

For every back breaking night spent  juggling the set squares, t-scales and minimum 3 grades of pencils, with only owls and goo goo dolls for company, you gave me scores of memories of bonding over 3 am coffees, laughter and long rides.

From every panic stricken moment of attesting and arranging of sheets before jury, to the frantic last minute revisions, or the mob threatening to smother the first student out of the viva hall, your sheer authority floored me.

So here, the moral of the story as I see it-

  1. It is considered weird to go out for dinner in your PJs. Period. Years of walking out of the bed, while the laptop renders a view, to ‘VIRGIN CAFE’ is not an excuse.

  2. Try not to look too lost when a stranger at the bank asks to borrow a pen. Just because the doodles in your sketch book are ‘a-la-mode’, pens are not extinct for the masses.

  3. The ability to come up with 3 different concept sheets from the components of one well made concept sheet 5 minutes before the jury, can make you very favored.

  4. Nobody seems to understand how its hors d’œuvre for a group of five to eat in 3’/3′ space cleared on the live canvas of pencils, scales, multiples of pen drives, laptops etc. ie. your floor.

  5. Be ready with your ‘martyr face’ when for the gazillionth time you are patronized for not drinking/ smoking after 5 years in architecture. For all those who say “Its really great! Don’t change,” while dragging on your filter tip buddy- come join me! Let’s sip on a chilled coconut water together sometime!

So while the trepidation to face the unknown makes me want to keep you cocooned in a safety net closer to college life, it’s time to take the leap of faith. Tie the old knot! Here’s to us, Architecture. From puppy love to a more mature, connected and harmonious us, all the while laughing, crying, and dreaming! Always dreaming!

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