Reading Room , Thrissur

A tranquil little pool house, built in a medley of vernacular exposed bricks and chic concrete, its holds a reading hall with a small library and a private studio. The adjacent studio enjoys a small room with its own open bath.
The arch over the pool parallels the length of the pool and makes for interesting play of shade and shadows on the water and ground.

The pool carries a trim little floating seat that can be accessed from the reading room for some quality time spent skimming the water.
The bathroom enjoys a smooth view of the garden beyond, with an open to sky concrete cocoon encasing the bath tub that transforms into a lagoon during the rains.

The reading room hosts a small courtyard with a nimble Champa tree, picturesque with its own bee-hive brick wall and wide windows. The sun at different times of the day, plays with the walls of the room to throw different scenes throughout the day and the year. "The reading corner"  is simply a nook with a low hung lamp and a Scandinavian recliner against a backdrop of a large opening.  Think an autumn leaf fluttering in through  or the mellow orange light from the sunset  falling on your book . Poetic! Don't you think?  Tagore's Champa tree too was in just such a frame. Of that I'm sure...



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