Thicket Roof

An unique combination of spaces makes our latest project a "vacant hour" home. While the living room, dining and the courtyard play protagonists, a small adjoining kitchenette only plays a supporting role in the home. Perfect for hosting that game of cards, this space!The entrance designed with an outdoor bench and warm lights conveys leisure.
A backyard open seating that's injected with existing trees and strew-about furniture pieces, the space screams of lazy noon and charming forest home.
Maximum possible fenestration in the house gave way to the luxury of exploring the surroundings at ease. The small balcony added at the end of living become a favorite tea-time spot.
A backyard room that can be made permeable by the sweeping windows to let the surrounding lush forests in. A wall of copper pennies, soft lights, and  solid rosewood furnishings, it has all the settings of a fine dining.
Furnished with mid-centurion decor pieces, the living room is devoid of any electronic gadgets, making merger of nature with the house a delight.



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